One of our priorities is educating developers and builders about construction recycling. Most of them still considers landfills as the only way to dispose of exploited building materials or construction waste. As they admit later, none of them heard about re-using debris, damaged concrete, broken porcelain or ceramic fittings. Thanks to recycling process, we are able to reduce carbon footprint by saving natural resources and save money usually spent on disposing problematic waste.

We are leading our own information campaign via social media and our website. By these means, Panterra is showing alternative way of disposing construction waste to all our followers, including both natural persons and companies. Apart from educating, we reveal major benefits associated with our everyday routine – particular advantages for nature and for humanity are being shown every single day. Moreover, we offer complex support to all our partners, customers and cooperators interested in construction recycling and reusing building waste.

Construction recycling is still, ironically, terra incognita which is worth discussion. We are eager to promote newest information about reusing deconstructed building materials, separating fake news from valuable knowledge. Difficult issues and technical language can be easily clarified by our specialists, helping understand more than ever. Panterra Group is willing to answer all questions and be interviewed by any media – no matter the range, niche or means of communication. We do welcome every single professional media publishing in building industry, financial and ecological topics, where we are able to create a long-term cooperation by revealing all the latest trends and newest techniques.

By cooperating with Panterra Group, you are able to gather interesting, fact-checked news presented in an accessible way. Your media house can generate more page views, reposts and social interaction thanks to involving articles gathered, created and written by our professional copywriters. Alternatively, our representatives are ready to provide constructive answers to your questions and give an interview personally or via telecom means. As an example of such action, we would like to mention about Newsweek interview (weekly social-politics newspaper), where we explained terms connected with construction recycling and tried to predict its future in Poland for incoming years and investments.