Leading your own company means not only generating profit or expanding new markets. It is also CSR, considered as a promise made to our customers, suppliers, close-range society and nature. We disagree with businesses and companies claiming that their actions have insignificant impact on environment and people nearby. As we represent ecological business profile, we have set a goal to reduce or even zero our carbon footprint.

Proecological actions and decisions cannot be an empty rhetoric, a catchy buzzword or a temporary commercial. Is is a long-term strategy that should be considered as a vital part of company, no matter the size, market or other factors. Every single entrepreneurship must guarantee eco-standards, to offer at least basic-quality goods. Ecology is present in everyday actions: lights turned on by motion detector, smart water cycle or energy-efficient devices to name just a few.


Panterra Group does support every single action resulting in carbon footprint reduction and saving natural environment. Some people consider damaged ceramics, destroyed concrete or old tiles as a pile of useless trash; we seize an opportunity to prevent nature devastation. Instead of using diminishing natural resources, we reuse construction waste and building materials. It benefits not only in ecological terms, but also in overall economy – recycling entails less energy, water and work power, which is more advantageous.

Environmental pollution is one of many issues we prevent and care in Panterra Group. On the other hand, we are aware of pain, traumas and tough experiences, especially for those, who suffer from it in our neighborhood. Our employees and managers cannot just walk by, pretending that human tragedies does not exist or does not touch our hearts. Hence our activity in volunteer and charity actions, such as organizing wreck race “Racing for Iga”. All proceeds collected during this event have benefited Iga – a wonderful, charming girl struggling with spinal muscular atrophy. Other charity event, where Panterra Group supported local community, was funding new pitch for Sądów football club and youth organization. We will continue helping people in need and preventing natural devastation, because there is still so much to do. We encourage you to support our CSR mission by acting with us in volunteer events and caring about nature and other people.